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Red Carpet Gala

Red Carpet Gala

The Academic Recognition Banquet/Red Carpet Gala is a special event sponsored by the Foundation to recognize the top 10% of the graduating seniors. The number of graduating seniors determines the percentage of students who will be honored. In the past, local businesses have donated gifts for the scholars’ gift bags as they go of to college. With the Class of 2014, we began giving each scholar a small scholarship for their dedication and hard work in which these students as well as many others have put forth in regard to their personal education goals.

An additional feature of this event is the recognition of outstanding educators. Each Distinguished Scholar is asked to identify an Atlanta ISD educator who has made the most positive influence on his or her education. Both the distinguished scholars and the distinguished educators will be recognized at the banquet.

The Academic Recognition Banquet is also a fundraiser for the Foundation. The major financial support for the event is generated through the sale of tables. Typical rates for the sale of the tables range from $100 to $500. If you would like to donate to the event, go to the donate page.

The students as well as the distinguished scholars speak at this event after a delicious dinner has been served by the Top 15-20% of the Junior Class which a fundraiser for their class with “tip jars” placed at each table.

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