2013 Recipients

With great pride the Foundation awarded $15,533.00 in grants to AISD educators in May!

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Atlanta Primary School

Dianna Carney and Debbie Washington “Lights, Camera, Action!” $1,284.00

Atlanta Primary School Kindergarten teachers Dianna Carney and Debbie Washington accepted a grant award for $1,284 to extend the capabilities of a grant award received last year. With this award, the department purchased a Belkin Tablet Stage for the iPad 2 along with a license for Airserver. This allows teachers and students to project the existing iPads from any location within the classroom.

Jill Howard “Kids Touch This” $4,000.00

Katherine Stubbs “Good Lasses and Lads Hit the Pitch with Musical iPads” $2,384.00

Atlanta Elementary School

Larry Brown “Growing Seeds of Understanding” $1,496.00




Atlanta Middle School

Alison Highland “Worming Our Way into the Past” $1,174.00

Fifth grade Social Studies students and their teacher, Alison Stanley Highland, are excited about the classroom sets of historical novels that will be used to enrich learning and integrate literacy and history for all fifth graders. These novels are part of the $1, 174 literacy grant written by Mrs. Highland.

Caren Rumsey and Sandy Horne “If You Give a Kid a Camera” $2,161.00

Atlanta Middle School technology teacher, Caren Rumsey, and AMS Librarian, Sandy Horne, received a grant worth $2,161 for cameras that will use student-created images to teach photo-editing concepts within Multimedia classes. This grant empowers students and teachers to infuse photography across the curriculum at every grade level.

Paula Stone “We’re On the Ball to Improve Our Writing” $534.00

Atlanta High School

Becky Hearne “If It Is To Be, It’s Sensory” $2,500.00

High School students in Becky Hearne’s Rabbit Ranch classes will benefit from the $2,500 grant award written by Mrs. Hearne to create a state-of-the-art sensory room that addresses behavior and learning in a preemptive and creative way. This room is equipped with a plethora of lights, sounds, textures and smells—all part of the therapy needed by Rabbit Ranch students.