2012 Recipients

With great pride the Foundation awarded approximately $25,000.00 in grants to AISD educators!

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Atlanta Primary School

Katherine Stubbs “A New Vibration that Engages Students in Music Learning” $1,450.75

Students in Katherine Stubbs APS music classes use The Note Worthy Music Rug daily bolstering the music instruction at the primary school. With a $1,450.75 grant award from the AEF, students experience music learning on their own terms. The Note Worthy Music Rug provides a lab setting for students to be on the floor, testing sound and pitch!

Debbie Washington and Dianna Carney “I Teach! I Learn! iPad!” $2,899.28

With a $2,899.28 grant award written by APS teachers Debbie Washington and Diana Carney, kindergarten students use iPads as a learning center tool to reinforce social, educational and critical thinking skills in the classroom.

Atlanta Elementary School

Erika Purtle “Every Bloggie Needs a Camera” $3,719.60

Atlanta Elementary School teacher, Erika Purtle was awarded a grant for cameras that will be used to enhance scientific exploration for 4th graders.

Misty Williams “Growing Knowledge One TOUCH at a Time” $5,000.00

With a $5,000.00 grant award, students at Atlanta Elementary use iPod Touches to “fly across the world, learn and practice math facts, journey through their favorite books and explore planets in outer space. With this innovative technology AES students are delivered knowledge in a new and exciting way giving each one an interactive approach to learning!

Atlanta Middle School

Erin Lambeth “APPSolutely No Limit: Breaking Down Barriers” (K-12th grade) $4,684.00

Erin Lambeth, AISD Dyslexia Coordinator, was awarded a $4,684.00 grant written for iPads for the dyslexia program in the district. This innovative technology includes a vast range of applications that remove many barriers faced by students with dyslexia while addressing the specific learning needs of each individual student.

Atlanta High School

Dianne Guest “Spanish for Rabbit Ears – El espanol para alas orejas de Conejos!” $2,147.92

Atlanta High School students master the Spanish language while listening to the translation headphones in Diane Guest’s Spanish class. This allows every student to speak and or listen simultaneously for individualized instruction in Spanish. The headphones are part of the $2,147.92 cultural arts grant written by Mrs. Guest.

Jennifer Stewart “Paving the Way to the Future” $5,000.00

AHS Agriculture Teacher, Jennifer Stewart accepted $5,000.00 from the AEF Prize Patrol for a grant she wrote for an outdoor classroom at the high school. The beautiful outdoor learning experience is located in front of AHS.